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Supporting new zealanders with ibs skip to content home what is ibs? Complications or consequences of ibs alarm features identification can you test for ibs hydrogen and methane breath testing colonoscopy gastroscopy causes constipation diarrhoea endometriosis gut-brain axis serotonin abuse and ibs alternative diagnoses bowel cancer inflammatory bowel disease mucosal prolapse rectocele thyroid dysfunction being female gut dysbiosis ibs and fodmaps management who can i see the ibs service alternative medicines and therapies coping strategies faq articles contacts ibs nurse specialist ibs service, intus – digestive and colerectal care intus – digestive and colorectal care dietitians – with interest in ibs ibs support groups are you struggling with irritable bowel syndrome? Ibsnz is a support network to help those struggling with ibs. Read great articles, share your comments and find practical ways to manage your ibs symptoms. The following symptoms are not associated with ibs: weight loss, blood in the stools, fever, recent change in bowel habit. Please visit a doctor asap. What is ibs irritable bowel syndrome (ibs) is the name given to a cluster of symptoms affecting the gut in the absence of pathological disease. These symptoms include:a greater than 3 month history of: an erratic bowel habit abdominal bloating abdominal pain or discomfort excessive wind loose, unformed bowel motions hard, rock or pebble like bowel motions a sense of incomplete evacuation passing mucus with bowel motions fatigue people can have any combination of symptoms, and don’t necessarily have constipation or diarrhoea. Many have both constipation and diarrhoea. Find out more how is ibs identified a group of gastroenterologists have created identification criteria called the rome criteria. This is continually updated, the latest being called the rome iii criteria. There are people with an irritable bowel who don’t typically fit the criteria, but this does not mean they don’t have ibs. Ibs symptoms need to be investigated to eliminate pathological causes of symptoms such as crohn’s disease, bowel cancer, coeliac disease. To do this means having some blood tests, and stool tests looking for signs of inflammation or infection, blood in the stools, and other changes. Sometimes it is also necessary to have a colonoscopy. viagra without a doctor prescription viagra without a doctor prescription buy cheap viagra generic viagra shipped from us buy viagra online cheap viagra online viagra for sale viagra without a doctor prescription viagra for sale If all tests are normal then the cluster of symptoms is known at the moment as a functional disorder, or ibs. Find out more how can it be treated firstly it is important to look for the cause. Occasionally the direct cause is not obvious, or is not easy to treat, in which case symptom management is an option. There are several ways of treating different symptoms. For instance, bulking agents such as metamucil is helpful for some people with diarrhoea, and appropriate use of antidiarrhoeal agents can give people more confidence in being able to socialize. Wind and bloating can be helped with peppermint oil capsules, and a variety o. other links

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